The Kinton Grange      

Thanks for helping us celebrate Our 100th Birthday Party
and the National Grange's 150th in August!

Kinton Country Antique Faire - Sunday, September 10

Dance for the Cure - October 1

Brookhaven Marketplace - October 17-22

Fall Feast - October 29

Red Cross Blood Drives - twice a year

Boy Scouts Pancake Breakfast - spring

Dances - all the time!

Regular Meetings
Please join Kinton Grange Members for potluck dinner, business meeting and informational program
Second Tuesdays   6 - 9 PM

Everyone's Welcome
Benefits of membership include
Opportunities to meet and work with neighbors in your community
Use of the building

Some Useful links....
testing the top link Fall Feast Youth Activities
What IS a Grange?
History & Photo Collections
Carl & Dorothy Allen Memorial Lift Project
Rent our Hall
Use of the Kinton Grange Hall
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