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Kinton Grange Hall

The essence of the Grange as an organization is citizen involvement. The Grange provides opportunities for individuals and families to develop to their highest potential in order to build stronger communities and states as well as a stronger nation.

We welcome persons of all races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds to use our hall and to become members. Our monthly meetings always include public educational programs that we advertise on our reader board in front of the building on Scholls Ferry Road.

In addition, our local grange keeps the community connected through the events that occur here and the groups that we sponsor.


These groups use our hall without charge for regular meetings, ceremonies, community service events, fund-raiser breakfasts, etc:


Red Cross

Junior Grange


Who Benefits?

Our hall is the only non-sectarian public building in the 10 mile stretch of State Highway 210 between Washington Square and Groner Elementary School -- and it is in use 5 to 6 nights a week on average.

We provide the building without charge to groups that serve children in our community and sponsor their activities as well. Our Junior Grange organization promotes leadership and training in Parliamentary Procedures. The Boy Scouts we sponsor have a very high rate of young men achieving Eagle Scout status.

We also rent the building to individuals and groups, primarily to dancers who appreciate our very fine hardwood floor. The rent we receive covers much of the building's maintenance expense.

The Kinton Grange is and has been home to many local groups and organizations.

1. Dance groups are our most frequent users - 1 to 2 nights per week on average. See Dancing for more information.

2. A radio control airplane club - monthly.

3. A motorcycle club - monthly

4. Brookhaven Vintage Marketplace has Spring and Fall sales annually which attract many hundreds of visitors to the building and community.

And is Appreciated by Individuals, Families and More.

5. Individuals rent the hall for private parties (family reunions, weddings, birthday parties).

6. Individual commercial endeavors (Tupperware-type parties, dance classes).

7. Non-profits, such as OSU Extension Service Master Gardeners, who have their Spring plant sale here.

8. Other government or quasi-government groups meet here sporadically.

Susie Cacciacarro, Erma Cron, and Donna Nylander in the kitchen.